The Definitive Edition of DMC is excellent.

User Rating: 9 | DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition XONE

Ninja Theory's DMC reboot is a non-canon entry. It's basically a "What-If?" scenario. Despite this fact, it happens to be the best "Devil May Cry" ever made. A hard 'M' rated game featuring sex and gore galore, it is an origins tale that reimagines Dante as a badass punk with an attitude. Imagine a "God of War" movie directed by Zack Snyder and you'll get the gist of it. In this alternative world, Dante is a young demon hunter living the wild party life when he is contacted by a mysterious girl named Kat. She explains to him that she can see into "Limbo", a supernatural plane where the demons reside. Secretly, they have managed to brainwash society through consumerism and entertainment.

Eventually, Kat introduces Dante to her boss, who happens to be his long lost brother, Virgil. He is the leader of "The Order", an underground organization dedicated to exposing the demons and releasing the world from their control. It's a setup similar to "The Matrix" with Dante in the Neo role. The game's design is heavily influenced by both "Bayonetta" and "God of War". It contains the most extensive combat system ever featured in a DMC game. And it's also the lengthiest entry in the series with a total of 20 chapters not including the secret missions. Many levels are quite large and can be explored for hidden items and the replay value is high due to mini-challenges. Additionally, there are numerous enemy types that require different strategies to defeat.

"DMC" is the best designed game in the franchise. It is a culmination of previous "Devil May Cry" games, staying true to the original concept, while adding a fresh new energy to it. Graphically, it is great and has a steady framerate on the Xbox 360. The sexual references and profanity maybe a bit jarring, but overall, this reboot is superb. It has none of the campiness of "Dante's Awakening" or the repeating sections of Part 4. But as good as it is, the "Definitive Version" on PS4/Xbox One is a solid improvement. Not only does it include all DLC content and remastered graphics (with 60 FPS), but the gameplay has been completely rebalanced. With this second release, the auto aim feature has been disabled and combos take more skill to perform.

Both versions of DMC are great. If you never played the original, I'd certainly recommend picking up the "Definitive Version". It's great for fans who loved the extreme difficulty of the original "Devil May Cry". But if you don't need all the bells and whistles that Capcom added post-launch, the XBOX 360 version is still great. I'd rate it with an 8.6, but the "Definitive Version" is an outstanding 9 out of 10.