Dante raped

User Rating: 4 | DmC: Devil May Cry PS3

I played the old series, number two was weak... and this one is too. There are some issues (sometimes the character jumps somewhere else then you want, and lock on system is not flawless) but... this cliché is too much for me... Fresh restart of the series? Really? Are you sure? This kind of story: bla bla... happy family, mother angel, father demonic knight that did for defence of his family that awesome deed that he let his wife slain and wiped memory of his kids... ehm... and Virgil is now your awerage boss that does a lot of talking about humans and saving the world... is a "Fresh" restart?

Graphic is good, feeling from the game too (the issues are quite rare), but the story...

Maybe I’m unfair, surely I’m subjective... but this was a huge disappointment for me.