u can change your mode into 3 types human,devil,angel every mode have it's own weapons and skills and all of the

User Rating: 8.5 | DmC: Devil May Cry PC
a good story mode and there's no side missions
and cool soundtracks any metal head will like it,because metal music starts playing while facing the demons and actually it gives more power and well to defeat the enemies,that's the importance of the suitable soundtracks in games
the different types of imaginary weapons is amazing the sword have a perfect control u can make the skills in a so easy way without pushing many buttons,and that gives you the ability to do the skills quickly and fast
also you have 3 types of gun weapons divides in every mode
but i think the demon mode is the strongest because u can confirm a complete turn into devil,u gain more power and skills,and your health generate so u got to worry about,u can turn into a full demon when collecting the orbs
there's orbs for health and skills and there's demon orbs
after all we can say the game is GOOD