What changes are actually better?

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I'm just curious, because I see a whole bunch of changes and I don't see very many good ones.

-New look: Not really approved by DMC fans, much less general gamers. He doesn't look like a badass to be honest. The weapons themselves really aren't "improved" for the better either. Dante behaves like well......not dante, in fact they go so far as to make him.....annoying childish between the cursing for no real apperant reason. "Get your filthy ***king claw off my trailer", what?! Are you serious? What is this, the south?

-Gameplay: In every review I've seen its been "its not as hard but just as satisfying."  Which makes me beg the question: Who played devil may cry not looking for a challenge?  I see a BUNCH of pointless platforming(push X button to get to the end of the road because otherwise the level would be too short). With no lock-on and the entire "style" rank being completely on pure damage, it seems as though the game is trying to be more like enslaved or heavenly sword than it is the original DMC counterpart.

-Story: Well since its all non-canon, lets take a look at it from an original perspective. Oh its bad, poorly written, and pointlessly so. Who would actually appreciate this horrific story I dont' know. I believe the reason the other games didn't focus too much on the story is because they knew the combat was the focus.

-The combat: Sadly late-game is an embarrasment of "hit the enemy with red or blue weapon only". This makes most of the earlier game a lot more satisfying than the later. The no lock on generally makes combat resemble ninja gaiden to be honest and  lets be honest, with the style rank as is its just another hack-n-slash only taking the moves fromt he previous DMC franchises

-Music/Theme: Its not dark. The music is just some sad attempt at a background song and I don't see why they couldn't at least put in the same type of music.



For all the changes I see I don't see anything for the better really. I feel as if the reviews are just giving it "the CoD treatment" and not really talking about anything new in the game.