Vergil's Downal DLC/Gamespot Preorder?

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So I preordered the game at gamespot specifically to get the Vergil's Downfall DLC when it comes out. But I realized when I picked it up Tuesday that I have no gamecode or pamphlet inside with a prize code or anything for that matter giving me access to the DLC (And the weapon skins?). So I thought, hey maybe I have to beat the game first, but that was wrong. Now I have no way of getting the DLC when it does come out. Did anyone else have this issue, or am I the only guy who didn't get anything?

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Okay I meant to say GameSTOP. Just ignore my sad grammar
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I got my copy from GAME and they printed out three receipts from the till with codes for the bone pack, gold pack and virgil DLC.  The bone and gold pack worked fine but the virgil code was not valid, maybe because it has not been released yet but I will keep the receipt until its out next month.

If you still have your receipt check through what you were given or the person at the checkout may have forgotten to give you them.

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I heard that the Vergil DLC would be coming out next month

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The codes would be on the receipt. The Samurai weapons pack was a psn code you could download immediately. Vergil's Downfall was only for power up rewards members, and given as a code that you register on a website that wwill send you the dlc when it's available.

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The code you get for the Virgil dlc has to be entered to the dmc website in february, then they give you the code for your xbox
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I have to be a power play member for that!? That's f'n garbage. It says nothing about that on the DmC website nor did any of those dinks at Gamestop tell me this. But I appreciate the answers!