Is the reboot set in the same universe as the originals'??

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The characters, although named the same, are different, aren't they?  Eva in the original was a human, no angel. Sparda in the orignal defeated Mundus, not imprisonned by him, and there was no mention of one being the blood brother of the other. And in this game, Mundus was killed so how did he return to fight Dante in DmC 1?  Hence, I don't think any event happened in the original 4 is going to happen, or has happened in the reboot's universe. And DmC Dante is NOT going to become DMC1/2/3/4's Dante, am I right? Excuse me if this has already been made clear by the devs but if this is the case, then this reboot's relevance to the original is minimal. Thoughts?

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After a massive uproar about Dante's new look and personality the DmC devs came up with the "excuse" of "It's a parallel Universe"