Gamepad issue with the PC version

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Everything works perfectly with the gamepad except the camera controls. The up/down and left/right camera controls are mixed up, so when I move my analog stick to the left, the camera goes up and vice versa.

I can't change the camera controls in the game and I can't figure out how to change them in .ini files too. Anyone with a similar issue?

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Here man the solution to the Right Analog Stick problem on different gamepads is very rare to find. It's the game having problems to recognize an Original gamepad. You need to edit the axis in the Registry Editor (don't panic, is really not that hard). I use windows Xp so i don't know if it works for Vista/7/8 Remember to click "See Full Content" . Keep in mind that the OP there failed to do it right because he didn't edited the right folder, so pay good attention to the step by step and your controller's name and it should work (like it did for me, and saved me from being forced to buy a Xbox controller). Also keep in mind that you can always switch back to the original configurations...because some games have this problem and some do not.