Do you miss the old Dante?

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To begin, this is not an Anti-campaign, this is an attempt for original fans to have their voices heard. "I would do a new Devil May Cry if the fans wanted it" - Hideki Kamiya I know that many original fans like the new DmC, but not all of them. This is for those people. If there are enough people who want the old Devil May Cry back, we can make Kamiya and Capcom notice. If this applies to you, please take to Twitter, (or Facebook if you don't have twitter) @BringBackKamiya
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To be honest I didn´t even cared about this franchise until now. But since this one has released, I am completely addicted to this game as it is. DmC is really one of the most gratifying games I´ve been playing recently. And for once, the main character is not annoying. He´s not too dumb, not too innocent, not too overly nerd, not overly agressive, he´s smart and cool. I really liked what they did to the series and hope they keep it this way. 

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Don't miss the old Dante for a second.

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I am a fan of the original games and I do miss the old Dante. I think he was much more interesting than the new Dante, in dialogue and character. I did not find anything outstanding about the new Dante, its one of the reasons I found this game to be very boring.

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I've played all the games and loved them (except DMC 2) and I will probably miss the old Dante characters, but rather than have another DMC 5 I would like to get a sequel for DmC. I'm happy that a new developers come up with new approach which resulted for example in gorgeous and crazy level design, awesome soundtrack, or best aerial combat in the series. I would appreciate deeper dialogues in cutscenes, better camera system + possibility for hard lock-on as it was in previous games, but overall I'm satisfied with the evolution of this reboot. Honestly with broken ending of DMC 2 and confusion about Nero, his origin, and basically everything about him in DMC 4 the Devil May Cry really needed a reboot. Not to mention different personality of Dante in every game. His character in DMC 4 (which takes place between DMC 1 and DMC 2) has nothing in common with Dante from DMC 1 or 2. He is a very serious demon killer in DMC 1 , then suddenly he's a cool guy in DMC 4 with cheesy one liners, and once again he's the serious demon killer again in DMC 2, but this time he almost doesn't talk at all. Basically there was never only one Dante, there were several different personalities of Dante. The only thing which all Dantes have common is their look. It's just like Kat said at the end of the game "You are Dante, nothing more and nothing less." I really love DMC 1,3 and 4. Every game for its own qualities. But as a series, it's a ridiculous mess. I hope we'll see DmC 2 from Ninja Theory where they'll further develop the story, Dante and Vergil's relationship and their characters. :-)
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Well said, I'm with you on everything you said. I loved all of the old DMC games (barring 2). But the old Dante was not a good enough character to miss over the character of this Dante. I'd rather they continue this reboot to actually have a sense of character progression and story.

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We will always remember, recognize, and love the original Dante for who he was. But Devil May Cry has needed this for a while. We know all about who Dante is in present day, but his history has always been somewhat spotty, with gaps that were left unfilled. Developers may have done this purposely to add speculation, but it may have also been just a flaw in his character design. Who knows? I preffer to believe the former.

Anyway, I love it that DMC is showing us the young, Dante. I feel like this game has successfully filled in many history gaps. I also think that having played this game and knowing a bit more about Dante's history, it will enhance the experience when playing through the previous Devil May Cry games. Cheers.

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Yes i do
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I miss the old Dante. I remember the first time I played it. It just came out I looked at the title and said this is stupid. Then I looked some more, couldn't find anything, picked it back up and the next thing I know my alarm clock was going off and it was morning. I was sucked in. I received gratification from pummeling enemies with style. Dmc3 was the same a little cheesy but gratifying, and 4 with the graphics, And gameplay...WOW. I still play those games 1,3,4. The new reboot is a good game, I see it. But it should of been with another hero/person. It just isn't Dante. I've heard the "Fans" where crying for a reboot. They rebooted batman several times and batman isn't in a rabbit suit , they reboot the justice league superman isn't 85 with a bad back looking through ladies dressing rooms. I think that they(I) want is for the people making the game to look into what they have and cultivate that instead of think tanking the new direction. Think tank the awesome proven golden egg in front of you. What is this game of thrones I like that guy, Dead! (I'm not going to watch that anymore either)It is for that reason I think they did a good job at making a game but who ever decided to change the dynamic and yes I would say they did that. Should get there face rubbed in it. I didn't buy it and that's why. If that's all I can do that's what I'll do. They had all the elements there to continue the series in true form with out trying to turn into the latest installment. They could of taken off with Sparda and tied it in with rescuing Virgel who has been under the control of a demon god reunite the amulet and give it to Nero, new hell guards /legion. I don't know I'm spittballing but that's my point. I could go on so I'll just end this with we'll call it number 2-2.
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Yup, he was way better than the new one. Given, they're absolutely on par when it comes to fighting skills, but that walking "youth agro emo bullsh*tt*ng on everything eff the system I rather work alone"-THING has NOTHING on the cool awesomeness that the old Dante was, in appereance AND attitide AND behaviour.

He was a guy mouthing off as well, and usually I absolutely hate characters like that, but the old Dante really made me totally like that aspect of him, completely accepting it as his personality, whilst the new Dante....well...see above.


When the "old Mundus" killed Trish and Dante cried......goddammit, that showed way more what he is about, his personality, his human and angel side, than all "supposed to be deep lines" that DmC offers out from the new Dante's mouth


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did not care missing old danta. just cared with the QA they did for the games. this is freezing my slim. currently now then any game i played