DMC Last Battle + Ending Super Awesome !!!!!

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Its a Must watch for DMC fans wether ney or old

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crap .... compared to every vergil encounter in DMC3
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That's weird. When I finished it his hair turns white. I guess it just a bug when I used Devil Trigger and it didn't turn back to black.
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It wasnt a bug. His hair stayed white at the end of the cutscene.

Also, wtf? The battle with Vergil at the end of DMC held up to the same standards, as all the other Dante vs Vergil fights. That was and epic last battle.

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Not as epic and difficult as DMC3 encounters that's for sure. Seriously i still think to this day that that heavy rain was due to their mother crying as they try to kill each other on the top of the tower. That's how epic DMC3 battles were for me. In DMC1 you didn't cared that much for Nelo Angelo (Vergil) so the fights were ok. The reboot fight is very easy. Thumb down for that, but still... i like the situation of having to fight Vergil "out of the nowhere". The location of the battle is pretty good too and the music theme that plays during the fight is simply cruelty (Empty by CombiChrist in case anyone is interested) So yeah it was a memorable battle + ending.
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Not very well executed ending I might admit. Kat's pleading is not convincing enough, not very emotional. Vergil, pierced by a huge sword, still manages to walk around normally with some panting and chest holding. Seriously now. They act like very bad,reluctant actors at the end of a movie who are all like OK let's get this s*** wrapped i am so effing tired. Not much thought put into it I guess.