DmC is good!

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I bought the new DmC and i beat it and im replaying it as we speak. I loved Devil May Cry 1, 3 and 4...(i enjoyed them all) but what I can't understand is how some people can say they're not going to play the new DmC game because the new Dante doesn't look like the original Dante...Saying that, would I of loved to see the original Dante in this reboot? Yes! does this mean I'm going to bash on the game, not play it and say it's horrible and that should rename it ...when some people have only looked at gameplay trailers and didn't even play the demo! And if you did play the played like 1/10 of the game. Maybe on the sequel they will make him look a lot more like the original Dante! If not it's cool, But as far as I see it, this Dante fits in fine with the whole setting and story of the game! It's a beginning or the Origins of Dante! And shows how Dante became the Dante from the original game..because I can hardly imagine if one day he woke up and decided to make killing demons a hobby/job ...? This DmC comes to even show how his hair came to be all white how he unlocked the devil inside him, how Vergil and Dante were seperated as children, and the reason Vergil became a villain of the series and they went their separate ways (of course it will probably explain more in thr DLC "Vergils Downfall") The gameplay is great, putting the chainning combos feels good and it feels as if you can keep mixing it up without a pause or interruption because u might of pressed the wrong button or it was the end of that chain combo. The levels are actually some what ok! I enjoyed the city scenario more. The graphics are good...when he goes into devil mode and the whole atmosphere changes it's awesome.

Of course this is just my opinion, but the way I see it the game is already made and been released It's great and u can either keep complaining about the new apperacnce of Dante, accept it or of course Don't play the upcoming sequels and cross ur fingers they will make a another reboot in 10yrs..up to you lol

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Not gonna lie, I didn't like his new look at first. But after playing and beating the game it grew on me and now I'm okay with it. This game being non-canon really helped also with the story. I'm playing it again on Son of Sparda difficulty and chose the white haired Dante. I tip my hat to Ninja Theory because this game could've been bad, like RE: Operation Raccoon City bad.
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Exactly, Well said =D

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I too am a Devil May Cry fan. 3, 4 and 1 are my favs. and when I first saw the first DmC trailer, I was so upset, thankfully they changed Dante to the current one seen in the game. And I gotta say, now I am in love with Ninja Theory's DmC as well. The game is such a joy to play; Dante being able to use all of his weapons once unlocked! That is pure genius, plus with all the other gameplay mechanics!, I too am trying out Son of Sparda mode now with the White haired Dante! I look forward to Vergil's Downfall! Well done Ninja Theory, Well Done!