Any reason to wait for PC version?

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I always played the PC versions of Devil May Cry.

I have PS3, but I was never so happy about a PC game like I was when playing DMC4.

Optimize graphics, amazing performance, and great compatiblity with controlls.

Game was looking sweet, and still do, and Frames Per Second was 120 at many cases.

Now I heard that THIS DMC would be limited to annoying 30 FPS, and some say that when the PC version comes, it will STILL BE RESTRICTED to 30 FPS.

If that's the case, then hell - I don't see a reason to get it for PC.

But former DMC had extra content, like Legendry Dark Knight and some great ULTRA HIGH DETAIL VISUALS, AA and more....

Will the PC version ever comes out?

Would it be PC optimized? 60 FPS +?

Is it worth waiting for?

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i was surprised too. especially since it still ran on a prety crappy computer that is usually a nightmare when i try most console to PC games. I can't seem to find anything major, we may get the same DLC's as well. Just that there's an alleged reason for delay other than trying to sell as many consoles as possible first which many gamers seem to be suspicious about these days. Kinda silly though what surprised me & you about 4 should be a given with all PC games ever released lol in any case it's likely there'll be some anouncement at least same time console version is available, at the latest
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Yeah, I mean DMC4 had an AMAZING "port". Fit for DX10 visuals, amazing performances, looks, X8 AA, and ultra high settings.

The game ran like a charm and with a gamepad (xbox controller) it was super-fun to play.

Not many games are looking THAT GOOD. That game surprised me. and is still one of my favorites of all times.