makes dk king of swing look bad!

User Rating: 8.5 | DK: Jungle Climber DS
The Good: great gameplay!, great graphics, great features, great stoyline, a improvement from the first game!

The Bad: doesnt use the touch screen all that much, a little confusing

First off i want to say that just incase u dont know this game is the sequal to the awesome game on game boy advanced called "DK King of Swing" really most of this review mi gonna compare dk jungle climber to dk king of swing.
You should look back at my very first review and see dk king of swing, i might of mentioned some part in there about dk jungle climber never will be as good, but ofcourse i was wrong. one thing i was a little disapointed about with "dk king of swing" was it was too short and too easy, but happily this game(when i say "this game" im reffering to dk jungle climber) this game is not what i would call just right but still an improvement fron king of swing.
the many games on this game are more unique and addicting than the ones on king of swing, on king of swing every mini game was really iddenticall to the other many games, but this game has very diffrent (and all around better) mini games!!
on king of swing the game was a little more basic, and every level took like a minute to beat, they were such short levels, but on this game the levels are all very unique!!!! theres more than just pegs ur climbing in the game( i will try not to leave spoilers)
on king of swing u had to beat the entire story line just to unlock diddy, and when u did unlock diddy u had to beat it all over again and thats not very fun, but luckily on this game u dont have to unlock diddy, which means u only have to beat the game once like all good games should be like.
well the decision i made for my review on king of swing was a really good review, a 7.6 . and like i said it deserves that its a good game, but since this game totally beats out king of swing i will give it a....................................................8.5