A great music game that shouldn't be missed out on. Now includes new songs!

User Rating: 9.5 | DJ Max Trilogy PC
DJ Max series is well known on the PSP for being the best music game series on that platform. However it started out on the PC and it's right that it should come back to the PC.

This game is well known for being the game with a very expansive songlist and before the song updates, exclusively used songs from the DJ Max series before the Metro Project update including the MMO that had shut down in March 2008.

Without the updates that add 8 songs the game contains well over 100 songs at least, most of which are unlocked by leveling up, with others being unlocked through missions and the new update songs being unlocked through special conditions such as getting 90% on a certain style of chart.

The game returns to DJ Max Portable 2's gear system of having each gear with stats instead of adding stats through the effectors. The amount of gears (note displays) is a large amount, giving a lot of variety throughout. There are many noteskins as well, ranging from hearts to cats to crystal styled notes.

One thing the game does well is have a large amount of difficult charts, there are well over 500+ charts to play and they can challenge even the most skilled of players. The missions as well, can challenge the incredibly skill music game player with difficult mission complete criteria, and sometimes will even change the modifiers to make the game even harder. It works well to add a bit of difficulty to the game even when you think you've done it all.

In terms of difficulty, the game has 5 key modes to play in ranging from 4 keys to 8keys which is incredibly difficult to master properly. Each key mode has at least 1 chart for each song with extra charts (HD - Hard MX - Maximum and SC - Super Crazy) being added for some songs with SC charts being the least likely that you will see.

The multiplayer is amazing, as you can play from the UK with Korean players and it has hardly any lag at all (I'm from the UK so that's great :D). However the one thing it doesn't have is more than 1 on 1 matches which makes for a boring time if you're waiting to play, but hopefully Pentavision will add a feature that lets us play all at once in multiplayer through patches.

The Launcher itself is a pain to use occasionally, however it is good way to update, but it can be painfully slow to update sometimes because of location etc.

In the recent patches the dreaded autocorrect (however fun it is to use to spam very hard charts to own in Network) is now an optional feature while the green note (which wasn't as hated) is used to keep the bgm on. If you hit it, the BGM will continue, if you miss only the keysounds will play. At the time of writing there has been 8 songs added.

Overall, you should get this game if you can. By the way pirates, you can't pirate the game. The USB key still hasn't been cracked yet and you NEED it to even launch the launcher for the game. The USB key stores your profile so you'd need it to play anyways.

But if you can, get this game. It's amazing and well worth the price. It's available on Play-Asia for £35 ($50) and the shipping is from £10 ($15)