DJ Max Trilogy Cheats For PC

  1. Emblems

    Unlockable Emblems in DJ MAX Trilogy will be available in Collection>Award>Emblem and can be equipped anytime after unlocked Not sure about the 'Runner-Up Prize' emblems though, haven't tried it myself. All these are from translations on a Japanese wiki from what I understand.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    10 winning streak in NETWORK 10 WINS
    Blocking the opponent's 10 win streak 10 WINS BLOCK
    Blocking the opponent's 100 win streak 100 WINS BLOCK
    15 winning streak in NETWORK 15 WINS
    Blocking the opponent's 15 win streak 15 WINS BLOCK
    20 winning streak in NETWORK 20 WINS
    Blocking the opponent's 20 win streak 20 WINS BLOCK
    25 winning streak in NETWORK 25 WINS
    Blocking the opponent's 25 win streak 25 WINS BLOCK
    30 winning streak in NETWORK 30 WINS
    Blocking the opponent's 30 win streak 30 WINS BLOCK
    35 winning streak in NETWORK 35 WINS
    Blocking the opponent's 35 win streak 35 WINS BLOCK
    40 winning streak in NETWORK 40 WINS
    Blocking the opponent's 40 win streak 40 WINS BLOCK
    45 winning streak in NETWORK 45 WINS
    Blocking the opponent's 45 win streak 45 WINS BLOCK
    5 winning streak in NETWORK 5 WINS
    Blocking the opponent's 5 win streak 5 WINS BLOCK
    50 winning streak in NETWORK 50 WINS
    Blocking the opponent's 50 win streak 50 WINS BLOCK
    55 winning streak in NETWORK 55 WINS
    Blocking the opponent's 55 win streak 55 WINS BLOCK
    60 winning streak in NETWORK 60 WINS
    Blocking the opponent's 60 win streak 60 WINS BLOCK
    65 winning streak in NETWORK 65 WINS
    Blocking the opponent's 65 win streak 65 WINS BLOCK
    Blocking the opponent's 70 win streak 70 WINS BLOCK
    75 winning streak in NETWORK 75 WINS
    Blocking the opponent's 75 win streak 75 WINS BLOCK
    80 winning streak in NETWORK 80 WINS
    Blocking the opponent's 80 win streak 80 WINS BLOCK
    85 winning streak in NETWORK 85 WINS
    Blocking the opponent's 85 win streak 85 WINS BLOCK
    90 winning streak in NETWORK 90 WINS
    Blocking the opponent's 90 win streak 90 WINS BLOCK
    95 winning streak in NETWORK 95 WINS
    Blocking the opponent's 95 win streak 95 WINS BLOCK
    Clear 15 Missions Basic DJ
    Clear ALL Missions Beat Maestro
    Clear 1 Mission Beginner
    5,000 play count DJ Ace
    1,000 play count DJ Amateur
    Total play count of 100 for these songs : Stop, Red, Mess it Up, Starfish, Get Out -Hip Noodle Mix- DJ ANE-MOE
    Break on 4,444 combo in FREE DJ Death
    Break on 666 combo in FREE DJ Devil
    2,500 play count DJ Expert
    Total play count of 100 for these songs : Oblivion, Oblivion -Rockin'Night Style- DJ Gothic Lolita Maniac
    Break on 851,212 combo in FREE DJ Hell
    Total play count of 200 for these songs : Sunny Side,Hello Pinky,Morning Person,Bright Dream, FallenAngel, Ladymade Star, Right Now, Luv Flow, Flutter DJ Lolita Maniac
    Break on 77,777 combo in FREE DJ Lucky
    Over 999,999 combo in FREE DJ Maniac
    Total play count of 100 for these songs : Lost n'found, Stop, Brandnew Days, Zet DJ Megane Maniac
    Beginning DJ TR
    Clear 90 Missions DJMAX Grand Master
    Clear 30 Missions Guest DJ
    3 game loosing streak in NETWORK Looser
    Clear 75 Missions Master DJ
    Clear 60 Missions Pro DJ
    Fail to win 18 NETWORK matches as Challenger Runner-Up Prize 1
    Fail to win 36 NETWORK matches as Challenger Runner-Up Prize 2
    Fail to win 54 NETWORK matches as Challenger Runner-Up Prize 3
    Fail to win 72 NETWORK matches as Challenger Runner-Up Prize 4
    Fail to win 100 NETWORK matches as Challenger Runner-Up Prize 5
    Clear 45 Missions Street DJ
    100 winning streak in NETWORK The Lord of Battle
    Break on 999,999 combo in FREE after completing ALL Missions The Lord of Combo

    Contributed by: _hrmv_