wait til its cheaper

User Rating: 7.5 | DJ Hero PS3
i bought this at regular price which is close to 220 dollars. its a fun game, but doesnt exceed any of the music games out there right now, and it was as big of rip as guitar hero 4 when i bought it for the same price. if there is a game for this price you better make it a 9-10 game not a 7.5 and at first it was more of a 6.0 but it got kinda better as i played on. i like how it has music mixed by the late DJ AM, i thought it was a nice tribute for him. but all in all wait til it goes down to a little over a hundred dollars, yes it will probably be close to a year for that price to come but you will hate yourself for payin full price for just an average music game. i do not wanna talk anymore but i need to get to the 800 words so ill just say ooga booga holy guava scalp batman, schmoigon boigan