If you like music mash ups and being a DJ interests you, check this one out!

User Rating: 8.5 | DJ Hero PS3
DJ Hero is just plainly a fun game. I am really into this sort of music, and love all the mixes for sure! If you are into DJ music at all, you need to pick this game up!

First off, this game is all about the gameplay. You have 3 buttons on the spinning disc, a cross-fader to jump between tracks, a euphoria button (star power), and a knob to modulate the sound during certain sections. It sounds like a lot but the tutorials really help you out there. If you've played guitar hero or rock band before, jumping into hard isn't too redic although playing on medium for a bit helps you really get a flow of the game.

The songs are the next thing this game is about, and they are nothing short of amazing. The game is dedicated to DJ AM who died last year I believe, and I felt that was really cool to honor him this way. This game honors all DJs. In my opinion, the unsung members of hip hop groups and emerging genres like indie techno and the like. The people who put these songs together have raw talent, and the mixes are amazing! It's so much fun to hear what you're mixing and move to the beat!

The characters you can unlock as well as the stuff you can unlock is very cool too. It shouldn't take you long to go through and beat all the songs on a difficulty setting, maybe took me a week or so of playing a good amount.

Now, let's get into some annoyances of the game.

First off, the graphics. The Djs and arenas look okay, but the people watching you look downright horrible, super blocky and that is just not next gen.

Second, the cross-fader. It's really difficult to feel for the center and sometimes you'll miss notes cause you think it's where it should be but its not.

Lastly, there really isn't much freestyle here. What they do have is some button presses which triggers samples you pick out before the song, and letting you modulate the sound during smaller sections, but that's it. DJing is all about freestyling so leaving this out is sad.

All in all it's a good game if you're into the music. I bought the special edition and really like the case and everything it comes with. It is a little pricey though for sure. I also have to point out that they really haven't released any good downloadable music yet, so I'm hoping more support is coming!