Awesome game, great tracks, only problem I have is with the menus.

User Rating: 8.5 | DJ Hero PS3
I found this game better then GH, its got great mixes and the flashing lights make you want to have a seizure (in a good way). I found it quite easy when I first played, five star'd almost every song on medium first try through, and have no problem getting a passing grade on hard (all within the first few hours after I purchased it).

Pros: Great Mixes, Flashing lights make you feel more badass, Cross-fading is awesome.

Cons: The menu could use some work, theres no career mode, just venues straight from the main screen. Would have liked something that was designed more like GH's, makes things slightly confusing. Also sometimes if you have anything in front of the controller reciever, the controller will miss some beats, not hard to get around though.

I will definetly be playing this for awhile and I am considering buying DLC, which is something that didnt even come across my mind when playing GH. If you can afford the price tag, its well worth the purchase.