Hit and Miss, on a grand scale

User Rating: 7.5 | DJ Hero PS3
DJ Hero has the ability to quite enjoyable, especially being the only game of its method on the market. The turntable is good times, and the controls are easily mastered. The only downside to this entertainment marvel is about a third of its 93 mix playlist is horrible. To be clear, mixes that you want to be over so you don't have to listen them ever again. There are some golden mixes too (especially in the first few sets), so don't be dissuaded. Imagine listening to Queen and Daft Punk at the same time and think about how you've spent the better half of your life waiting for a mix like this. If you've been to see a live DJ, like Tiesto or Oakenfold, then this game will not compare, but you will be entertained till you can't scratch anymore. Definitely worth an investment if you also have other Hero series games. The option to play with a guitar alongside the turntable is terribly fun.