Like a Joke

User Rating: 6 | Divinity: Original Sin (Early Access) PC

- paper and rock? like a joke

-Quest shower?no

-Map location?no


-Trade? if you start 1 of your char to trade its only him or her to do trade, you cant look other chars equipment to decide which equipment for buy when you switch others char.You need to cancel trade and talk again. Like a joke.

-Dialogue?my god we r in 2014 for god sake, i played Baldur's gate,Icewind dale,Torment, those game r king. But in that time only texing is acceptable thing, but now, only texing? give me a break.

-Game progrees? very very slow, they want you to think the game is huuuge, pfffff its feel like huge couse every progress is slow.That why game not have map location and quest shower.Try the find location or person, run everywhere,talk evryone.Example: you get quest, somthing happen in Lighthouse or church, himm lighthouse,himm church,lighthouse?, church? Where the hack of lighthouse or Church? North? East? West?NorthEast? Owwwww you r clever, you want me go everywhere to spend my time and look what m i think? Game is huge yaaaay.Like a joke

-Conversation? anyone remember baldur's gate conversation between characters. Yees, hates,love,emotions.Here we choose all chahracter dialogue. Rly? Where is others character emotions? In baldurs gate our decisions will affect their decisions,here we chose all of conversation include other chars, control other chars conversaiton?.Like a joke.

-You can interact object, but when open 1 crate and then another box first 1 dont disepair.You need move along to make close or close manualy.Pfffffff like a joke

-Difficulty? Game is hard yes, tryed hard,medium and easy, this game have no balance.Every mobs always higher then you and most of important thing they r outnamber you.IN this way battle take too long too finish, clever yes? and when everybattle take too long you think game is huge, yaaay what a game i m still playing.

-Graphic? good, yes game graphic is good. But hell THIS IS RPG you can't fool me with fancy graphic.

I think Larian Studios is lasy, these game need a lot work. Also some gamers said "owww like Baldurs Gate" rly?like a big joke