found your way as the Dragon Knight and save the world from the darkness coming

User Rating: 8 | Divinity II: Ego Draconis X360
Divinity II Ego Draconis is an old fashion RPG, no unnecesary attributes just the basics: strength, resistance, agility, will, intelligence; and a lot of different items, armors and weapons; the character has two main energy bars and a third one that shows your advance trough your level and: Health and Mana, you have a lot of secondary and primary quests to make, and the world is beautiful, only bad thing is that the game is a little slow while rendering the world, and it has to load every time you enter by a door to a different room, the game itself is somehow addictive and you can lost so many hours of your life without noticing, the enemys are worth fighting and they usually can be taken easily unless they attack in hordes. you can also use a dragon to fight as the game's main story advances.
tho is a good game it would be good if they added a more fluid combat style, you should check it out if youre a RPG person.