Ego Draconis: Buy, Rent, or Avoid?

User Rating: 8 | Divinity II: Ego Draconis X360
Why should you BUY Ego Draconis? If you're a fan of old-style RPGs with lots of quests (many with multiple solutions) and the absolute minimum amount of assistance when it comes to solving quests/puzzles, you'll have a ton of fun. Very early in the game, your character gains the ability to read minds, which provides insight into people's motivations and can alter the outcomes of various quests. And if you like games with a high level of difficulty, run out and buy Ego Draconis immediately! Even on the "Easy" difficulty level, you'll be dying quite a bit. Enemies do NOT level with you, and walking into a fight with enemies even a few levels above yours is guaranteed to end badly for you. The game also has a lot to offer people who enjoy thoroughly exploring every map/dungeon in their games. Ego Draconis offers many rewards to those who take the time to explore every nook and cranny.

Why should you RENT Ego Draconis? Well, how high is your tolerance for bugs and glitches? Because Ego Draconis has quite a few--Larian really should've spent a few more months polishing the game before they released it. I haven't encountered any that were game-breakingly bad, but even minor glitches can get annoying when there's enough of them. There are also a very limited number of areas in the game to travel between, and while the game offers different ways of resolving the quests you take on, there don't seem to be any significant consequences for the decisions you make. Which means that, at least for me, the game doesn't have a lot of replay value.

Why should you AVOID Ego Draconis? The main concept that the game is centered around is that your character can turn into a dragon, and I was pretty excited about that concept--it made the game a must-buy for me. But there are several things about it that I found very disappointing. For one thing, you won't get to turn into a dragon until you've put in a lot of time with the game--it took me just over ten hours to reach that point. Once you can transform, you'll find that your dragon is hemmed in by invisible walls and barriers that limit your freedom of movement. And the game also dictates which enemies you're allowed to attack while you're a dragon. I never experienced the sense of freedom and power that I expected to enjoy while playing as a dragon. To sum up: Ego Draconis is a decent game based on some interesting concepts which could've made it an amazing game...if they had been fully developed.