Great gameplay and an excellent storyline set in a vast magical world, make for days of fun entertainment...

User Rating: 9 | Divinity II: Ego Draconis PC
So, finally, after 8 years (am not taking 'Beyond Divinity/Riftrunner' into account) the long announced follow-up to the multi-award winning 'Divine Divinity' is here. And the wait was worth it too.

'Divinity II - Ego Draconis', doesn't continue where 'DD' left off, but is set a couple of hundred years after the battle of The Divine One against Damian and The Black Ring.

The big difference, of course, thanks to the enormous progress in graphical power and possibilities, is the transition from a 2-dimensional map to a by moments stunning 3-D environment.

The world of Rivellon has changed from a few nicely done patches of flat forest, sparsely speckled with villages and farms, to a beatifully created magical setting, akin to games like 'The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion', albeit with a little less freedom of movement than in the aformentioned.

'Ego Draconis' is a long journey through this world, in search of a lone surviving dragon. On this journey, just like in 'Oblivion', there's tons of sidequests, places and artifacts to discover and monsters, wizards, trolls and goblins to be confronted.

The learning curve is not that steep, although the player must always be on his/her guard when confronting adversaries, certainly at the beginning of the game, because most of them don't evolve with your character, but are much stronger right from the start.

Some might find the game too long, boring even, because of the time you spend looking in every nook and cranny fur stuff you can use, like magical stones, herbs and potions or books and weapons.

While this is true, the searching around and the time it takes never gets on one's nerves because of the intriguing main quest and situations you encounter along the way, in combination with the alluring environment.

It sometimes takes a while until you gathered enough experience points to level-up your character, adding to the length of the game, but, again, this doesn't at all get in the way of the fun you have as you progress through the story.

The fact that most decisions you make along the way, have an influence on how your character evolves (as on how NPC's treat you) is not always welcomed. At the start of the game there's a warning that the player must think things over before deciding, and this warning is not to be taken lightly.

To cut a long story not necessarily shorter, 'Ego draconis' is an immersive RPG/FPS/Action-Adventure/Fantasy game set in a beautiful world, with a storyline, while not novel, which keeps you entertained all the way through.

Only slight letdown is the awkward, almost spastical movements of the characters while in conversation and the at times crappy rendering of some surroundings.

Bottom line is that whatever the case, 'Ego Draconis' is an above par game from the Belgian Larian Studios, that will keep you busy for quite a while, with enough difficulty in the gameplay to keep the player challenged, and enough intrigue in the storyline to never get bored and keep on playing and replaying till the end.