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User Rating: 7 | Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT PS4
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Tested version: Playstation 4 Pro

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT was developed by Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo, in partnership with Square Enix, and is a 3D fighting game with RPG elements. This game, in addition to following the games Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy of PSP, also aims to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series.

After the events of the previous Dissidia, the dimension of World B returns to life because of the war between Materia, Goddess of protection, and Spiritus, God of destruction. Each of these gods summoned their heroes and villains, and all the summoned warriors hold their memories of their previous war and their original worlds that are used to widen the World B, at the same time as this mystical energy created from the struggles keeps him.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT matches are always 3 vs 3 and the overall goal of the game is to shoot down the members of our opposing team. And to do this successfully, we have to steal our enemy's bravery points and use them to our advantage with HP attack. We also have another mode beyond Standard Match, which is called Core Battle, in which we have as mission to destroy the crystal of the opposing team and prevent our crystal from being destroyed.

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At first sight, the gameplay here reminded me of J-Stars Victory Vs + but more fluid, chaotic and frantic. However, sometimes targeting is a dumb cockroach, especially in Core battles when I try to target one of the Crystals. During combat, the player can walk and attack freely around the arena, fly temporarily, and use unique abilities, as well as use the most varied EX Skills, from HP Regen to Poisonga and among others. And of course, the user can make summons (which altogether are 7), with different Summoning and Post-Summoning effects from each other and the Summons attacks take away the opponent's bravery points. An example of this is Alexander, who has as Pre-Summoning Providence (increases max HP) and has Post-Summoning the Divine Bulwark (increases max HP and defense). These summons can be obtained in chests for example. And in order to summon these monsters, we need to fill the summon meter and then hold down the command pad. It's always fun to have these monsters in battle as long as they aren't on the opposing side.

We have 14 arenas and 28 base characters, including well-known faces from the Final Fantasy franchise such as Zidane Tribal, Lighting and Sephiroth. The warriors are divided into four distinct classes: Vanguard, which have powerful bravery attacks that cover a wide area, but are slow and have limited mobility, Assassin, are fast and very mobile but their bravery attacks are weak, Marksman, bad on close combat, but they are good when used for Combat from Far and Specialist, who have unique abilities that differ from other classes.

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In offline mode, we have 3 modes available, namely the Sparring match, Gautlet mode and Story mode. In the case of Gautlet Mode, is some kind of Survival mode (up to 6 battles). And in this same way, the player can choose Basic (you can choose your companions, as well as the type of match, Standard match or Core battle), Story trials or Summon Trial, that in relation to the latter two that can only be unlocked in story mode. Negative point for the Story trials of Gautlet Mode, i can't understand why they are limited to the standard matches.

Speaking in story mode, this is made up of a kind of tree with several events, cutscenes, normal battles and fights against bosses. And to progress in story mode, we need Memorials, which can be obtained for example in one of the Gautlet modes. The fights against bosses require special attention. It's good to have the right class and have the right EX Skills, and watch out for their attacks, because these opponents do a lot of work, which in my opinion is good. After finishing the story of the game isn't special and could have been much better.

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Of course, we also have Online modes, from Ranked Ranked (Solo or Party) and Custom Match. But again, like the Story Trials of Gautlet mode, Ranked matches are limited to Standard matches. Classification tables? Nowhere. And it might not be a bad idea to put a cooperative online mode against the bosses of the game. And as much as in online or offline, the combats are always 3 vs 3, meaning there is no 2 vs 2 or 1 vs 1, which doesn't make much sense. It is true that the game was thought of 3 vs 3, but there could be an option in normal matches. But not all is bad in the game, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT has a great list of items (Appearances, Weapons, Chat Messages, Avatars and Battle Music Tracks) that can be buyed in the Shop or get them through the treasures.

Visually, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is a very appealing title, presented cutscenes and in-game graphics well treated. And the soundtrack of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT deserves to be highlighted as it is undoubtedly excellent. Overall, the work of Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo in this Dissidia Final Fantasy NT was not bad, but they could have done better, especially in story mode and in presenting some more combat options.