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Can anyone take a picture of a specific letter on mognet for me? (thats ledgible)

Im looking for 'Anecdotal Moogle'. Sender Morou - He mentions wanting to tell you a scarey story in the origional letter.

"My specialty is horror stories, kupo!
I am going to make you shake in your boots, kupo! You'd better believe it,
kupo! Stay tuned, kupo!"

Reply: I want to hear a fun story.

""I want to hear a fun story," you say?
Boy, [name], that sort of completely undermines my mission, kupo... But let
me give it a shot, kupo. Scary or not, a good story is worth telling, kupo!"

Reply: Looking forward to it.

Anecdotal Moogle
"Have you heard about the "devs", kupo? They're known as hard-working staff,
but they're really undead, kupo! Development is so rough, it literally sucks
the life out of them, kupopo! Hahaha!"

^^ thats the one I'm looking for. If anyone can help id appreciate it!