A fan will accept it

User Rating: 9.5 | Disney's The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure (UK) PS
I'm pretty happy with the game, first because it actually has ''2'' games in it (LK+LK2) and because controlling a lion is always fun.

The only bothersome things are that the background music is the same in EVERY level (and it's not even real Lionking music), the level areas are some times too empty, the movieclips between every level are rather unneccisary+bad because the Simba is redubbed by some random kid to match the new kid's voice in the game itself, the game is in some points not ''really'' 3D, you can get killed by BUGS (wtf? eat them, dude!) and you can do nothing but jump and roar (not even use your claws or something).

These were quite all the matters that bothered me, but even though I said more negative things about this game than postitive, I say the game is totally worth to buy.

Only not for random game-lovers, rather for Lionking lovers.