A delightful gem that won't win awards, but still brings a smile to a gamer's face.

User Rating: 7.7 | Disney's The Jungle Book SMS
A game that certainly kept me entertained at the age of roughly nine, was Jungle Book. It certainly didn't win any awards and probably all of you have forgotten it actually existed - or weren't even born when it was created - however this game remains close to my heart. A delightful gem.

I still remember level two, and I was unable to defeat Kaa, the snake, a boss in the game and my mother actually phoning the game tips line to find out how to beat him for me. It was simply a heartwarming game that brought my family together.

It's very old-school retro style gaming, and a game that you can't save your progress on seems quite terrible but that's the way it was. So you had to play for hours. sometimes you'd make it to the end, other times no, but the fun was there for hours.

The soundtrack had all the old favourites from the film and the characters are all there from the film for your pleasure.

I'm sure that no one will play this game again, its a shame because those who missed out on it really missed out on a classic game.