The little blue monster from space has finally hit the PS2!!!

User Rating: 5.8 | Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626 PS2
For most of you who had seen and loved the beloved Lilo and Stitch movie that Disney released back in 2002 then this a game that should be in your collection.
The story takes place before the movie even starts when Dr. Jumba is working on creating his greatest experiment until he finally made Experiment 626 aka Stitch and just in time because the mad scientsit has also finished his new teleporter so he sends his newest creation out into the world to collect DNA from different planets so he could continue his research and also see 626 destroy everything in it's path but must be careful because Stitch's evil nature is making him the universe's Public Nuisance #1.
There is alot of to do throughout Stitch's quest other then destruciton which includes collecting DNA samples for his creator , testing cool gadgets , unlocking clips from the movie itself and battle against many foes like Captain Gantu himself.
The last thing to note about this game is that if you or someone you know loves anything that Disney creates should really look into this game for sure.