Donald Duck Goin' Quackers is fun and exciting, until you beat it in 6 hours.

User Rating: 8 | Donald Duck: Quack Attack PS
DDGQ is fun for awhile, until you beat it in just a few hours. You play as Disney's Donald Duck as you go on an adventure, having many obsticles, such as bosses, enemies, and the enviroment. You must go through each level without losing all your lives to proceed to the next and so on til you get to the end. The gameplay is a little confusing at first but after awhile, you get the hang of it and the game gets easy. The graphics are ok for a game released in 2000, the sound i didn't like very much because it was very boring to me. I give this game an 8 because i bought it, played it, thought it was fun, and then i was done. That process will probably happen to you too when you buy it but it is fn while it lasts.