User Rating: 7 | Disney's Donald Duck: Quack Attack GC
My family enjoys the classic Disney characters which includes Donald Duck so I bought this game and hoped for the best. You enter the story when Daisy is kidnapped and Donald and Gladstone both declare they will rescue her. The stage is set for man against man, but that really doesn't happen. Gladstone beats you to the end of every level only to be leveled by something and Donald is left to save the day.

It is hard for me to compare this game with anything else because it is different; but one reviewer compared it with Crash Bandicoot and that is probably accurate. I appreciate playing something different, but it was still missing something for me to call it a great game.

To rescue Daisy you will traverse 4 worlds, Duckie Mountain (a forest like level), Duckburg, Haunted Manor and an Inca Temple with Lava. I liked Duckie Mountain and Inca Temple the best. I feel they could have done so much with Duckburg, but didn't. Each world has 4 or 5 levels and then a Boss level. The Bosses are so easy they don't need any explanation. To beat the game 100% you will have to fully compete each level. To fully complete each level you will have to get the weather vain, 2 or 3 golden threads, a Time Challenge coin and a Special Move Challenge coin. This requires beating the respective levels 3 times each, ughhh.

To me, the levels seemed pretty cheap. I'm not much into 3D games that are linear. Each level scrolls in one of the following ways: bottom to top, top to bottom and left to right and or right to left. This really isn't anything more than a jumping game. It can be difficult to tell where Donald will land on his jump. Some times his shadow isn't drawn or isn't clearly visible. The four bonus levels are the worst because most everything is an outline with a lot of black; which was probably done to enhance the difficulty. I also figured some one designed the levels but they were never finished.
The graphics are pretty good, but if they weren't this game would be a real disappointment.

I finished this game in a couple of sittings. It wasn't very difficult, but I also didn't find it much fun. I doubt I'll ever play this game again.