Disney's Dinosaur comes to the gameboy color in its last years of life. Is it worth a buy for non-fans?

User Rating: 6.5 | Walt Disney Pictures Presents: Dinosaur GBC
Well, Dinosaur is a game based on the Disney movie of the same name, which you might have watched. The movie is about some dinosaurs and monkeys. The world's ending and they have to escape to a nesting land. IN their way they'll face great dangers like velociraptors and lava. But is this game only for fans of the movie?

Presentation: The game's graphics are on the bland side. They aren't too bad, but nothing awesome, even by gameboy color standards. The music is not very good, and doesn't live to the moments, for example, meteors might be raining, but the music's all calm. Overall, not the best presentation.

Gameplay: The gameplay is sort of innovative, since there are about 7 cor so characters which have different abilities, so between the levels, you'll have to change characters to solve puzzles. Unfortunately, the mechanic doesn't work as well as it sounds, since you'll be using the jumping character most of the time, but it's nice, since some levels do use many characters. The controls don't feel that well, I had a little trouble moving with the d-pad, but they aren't too bad.
The jumping mechanics are really a pain, but fortunately, the game lets you create save states anywhere, so you can abuse that to pass hard parts.
The game focuses a lot on exploration; levels are big but bland, and sometimes, you'll have to look for other dinosaurs inside the level, which can be a pain, but fun for people who enjoy open spaces and exploration.
This game also supports gameboy printer, and lets you print pictures of the characters. Unfortunately, I don't own one, but it's a cool feature :).

Story: The story isn't well explained for any newcomers. The dialogue is pretty basic with frases like: the earth is burning, and things of the sort. The game does follow the movie though, I don't know how well since I watched it long ago, but the main moments are in the game.

Replay Value: There's no replay value. There is score, but only at the end of your playthrough, and I doubt anyone'd redo the game to improve score, since it's a tedious game. However, the game can last for a good 3-5 hours, which is always good :).

Fun: I had fun in the first levels of this game, then, as i got harder, it got frustrating, so I didn't have fun for most of the game. I can see little kids getting stuck with this game, so beware that, but it's not too bad, at some points, the game can be fun.

Overall: While not one of the best titles in the gameboy color library, the game is fair, and I recommend it for fans of the movie, or people who like challenge and exploration, but not anyone else.