Disney's Dinosaur is a dinosaur-sized lump of waste.

User Rating: 1.5 | Disney's Dinosaur PS
Disney's Dinosaur is, as you can probably guess, a movie. Because it's a Disney movie, they tried to change it into yet another movie-based game just to grab some more money from it. Big mistake! Want to know why? Read on!

The story of the movie of Disney's Dinosaur is this: a Pteranodon tried to rescue an egg and dropped it in a jungle where lemurs live. The egg hatched into an Iguanodon named Aladar and the lemurs looked after him. However one day a meteor destroyed the land which they had known for so long and Aladar and the lemurs had to escape to a foreign land in which they had to travel with some other dinosaurs and find the nesting grounds.

The story of the game of Disney's Dinosaur is this: Flia, a Pteranodon who wasn't even in the movie, says, "I'll take a look," and then flies around the island. She sees an egg being attacked by an Oviraptor, strikes the Oviraptor with her beak, grabs the egg and drops it on a patch of moss. The egg hatches into Aladar. Then a Lemur named Zini hears Aladar crying, comes along, feeds Aladar and then they have to defeat all the enemies on the island. If the movie story was that the island was safe, why are there a ton of enemies that you have to eliminate in the game story?

There are twelve levels in the game with a cutscene between each one that isn't that relevant to the game. As soon as you defeat every enemy on an island, you suddenly see a cutscene that shows the island being destroyed. Also, you might see a cutscene of a herd of dinosaurs and then you are in a level in which you have to find water in a lake.

The levels aren't very long but they are very irritating. Bad grammar and things that don't make sense in the dialogue doesn't help either- for example, one of the characters says, "I guess I'll just have to make due without them." Notice the word "due" instead of "do." Also, there is one level in which one of the characters says, "Let's see if there's anybody else around!" and then a screen comes up saying something like "OBJECTIVE: Find Flia and collect fruit."

There are three characters which you control in the levels. One is Aladar the iguanodon. He is the strongest and can deal the most damage, but since he walks on the ground where most of the enemies are he is vulnerable to enemy attacks. This doesn't exactly help in the first level, where you can be killed in one or two hits. Another character is Zini the Lemur. He is the only character who can collect fruit, climb trees and feed other characters. The third character is Flia the Pteranodon. She can fly and moves the fastest out of every character. She's probably the best one to attack in the first level in which your characters are too weak to beat your enemies even though her attacks are weak and uncontrollable since she's almost invulnerable to land enemies (sometimes there's an odd glitch in which land enemies attack Flia). You can team up and make all of the characters attack at once. One thing that is annoying is that Zini's attacks are either throwing stones (which are limited) or a jump kick. When you are teamed up, Zini will be sitting on Aladar's back, so all he'll be able to do is throw stones (rather inaccurately) and if the stones run out then Zini won't be able to attack.

The control in this game is quite annoying sometimes. In most games, the square button is for attacking and the X button is for jumping. However, in Disney's Dinosaur it's the opposite: the X button is for attacking and the square button is for jumping. The triangle button is for teaming up or splitting up and the circle button is used for attacking while in a group. L1 and R1 are for switching characters, L2 does a special attack and R2 is for running. Unfortunately you can only run for a short time. Which can be very irritating, seeing as you're going to waste energy trying to run against invisible walls that seem to pop up at you every time because of the bad collision detection and the fact that you move so slowly it's awful when you can't run. Another thing that's annoying (though kind of unrelated to the control) is the vibration- whenever a character dies, the controller vibrates madly. Characters are probably going to be dying a lot at the start- there are two "life crystals" (think of them as extra lives) that you can get and you'll probably end up using one or both of them.

The creators of this game (when you load up the game, you'll see an opening sequence of credits showing tons of companies while you wonder how so many companies could produce a game so bad) were being a bit ambitious with the gameplay of this game. Every time a character hits an enemy, that character gains experience in the form of stars. When a character has gotten 100 stars, they level up and get more hit points and can attack enemies harder. Which doesn't seem too bad until you realise that since Aladar's attack is the easiest to control he'll probably level up enormously while all of the other characters are still on a very low level. Another thing that is annoying is that because your characters start off very weak, the first level is actually one of the hardest and the last level is one of the easiest.

The music in this game isn't that bad, in fact I quite like some of the tunes. Though if you hear them for long enough you might want to turn the music volume down. The sound volume, on the other hand, is the worst you can imagine. Every time you team up and attack, you hear a sound that reminds me of stone grinding plus Flia's horrible screech and sometimes Zini's insane yells on top of that. Since at the beginning it takes ages to defeat enemies, you're going to hear those sounds at lot so I highly recommend you turn the sound down unless you want to risk getting a migrane headache.

Now it's time for me to tell you about the graphics. That is, if you really want to know. Blocky characters, bland backgrounds with invisible walls and water that looks absolutely horrible add to how bad this game is. The cutscenes are great to look at though, if only they could do that kind of graphics for the main game.

And finally, the ending part of this review.

I have come to a conclusion: if you ever bother to get this game, or if you got this game by any other way, or if you already have the game I have one piece of advice: This game is better used as expensive toilet paper.

So please, get out there and buy yourself a better game instead. I only gave this game a 1.5 because I'm feeling generous.