Reasonable in terms of a GameBoy Color movie-based game. Bad in terms of a game in general.

User Rating: 4.4 | Walt Disney Pictures Presents: Dinosaur GBC
Disney's movie Dinosaur was a decent one with a good story and good action. And what does Disney like to do with all of its movies, regardless of how good they may be? Try to hurt them by making them into sub-par games. As a movie based, Gameboy game, it isn't bad, but compared to non-movie based games, it is quite boring, tedious, annoying, and just rather not worth even looking at. The gameplay is decent. You start off as Aladar and quickly gain other members in your party such as three of the lemurs, the triceratops, and the anklyasaurus. They all control differently with different abilities and you have to use them all in order to accomplish different goals and complete the various levels. One lemur can run fast, one can jump, one can swing on vines, Aladar can move heavy objects, each has their own skill. However, the designers could not really make any of the goals you have to accomplish with said skills that entertaining or unique, "jump from platform to platform to get to this other side where you need to climb up this cliff where you have to push this log out of the way, where you have to run from these falling boulders to get to the end of the level." The levels do get more difficult later, but they still don't gain much uniqueness and you are left bored and not caring. The level design layout is a decent, typical maze-like one, but most levels are not that large, so most of the challenge is jumping across areas or moving things out of the way, which don't require much of a challenge at all. That is, aside from some of the unforgiving aspects of platforms, where if you even move close to the edge (which you will have to in order to make it onto the next platform that is positioned differently and not beside it into the pit) you will fall off and lose a life. And, if your jumper dies on one of there and you have no herbal flowers... game over.

The graphics and sound are alright for a GBC game, though not spectacular. The graphics are decently detailed, but there have been better on the system and the sound is listen-able, but will get annoying after a while. In terms of these, your best bet is to look into the PS version if you can't live without this game and want decent graphics.

There is not much value to the game. After you've played through it once (if you can manage), most people will not bother with a second, and those that do won't probably do it for a long while. Once again, the game is a decent movie-based GBC game, but that isn't really saying much, and your best choice is to simply steer clear of this one.