A nice platform game based on the hit movie made by Disney

User Rating: 7 | Disney's Aladdin NES
Aladdin for the NES is one of those games that were released on the NES at it's decline.
By the time this game came out it was clear that the NES was no match for Sega's Genesis and the SNES was taking over very quick.

Although it was nice of Nintendo to allow this game on the NES, their SNES game was better and the Genesis version was even superior.

The first thing you notice with this game is that it's basically the same game as on the Genesis but of course with all the limitations of the NES.
But let's review this game in the proper way.

The game pretty much follows the movie except that you first have to collect the scarab (not so in the movie), but let's let that one slip.
But basically you have to collect the scarab to go into the cave of wonders, there you find the lamp with the genie and then it's off to save the princess and Agrabbah from Jafar.

As I said before, it's basically the same game as on the Genesis, so you have 3 functions, but only 2 buttons, so you can't automatically use the sword. A little inconvenient, but you'll live
The game itself isn't too had on normal mode and the enemies are rather easy to defeat.

For an 8 bit game, it looks really good, but off course by that time we had the 16 bit wonders of the SNES and Genesis, so it's really not to impressive any more.
On top of that the characters look to much pasted on top off the background and they flicker sometimes.

Actually the best thing about this game, you get nice renditions of the music used in the movie.
Only downside is the sound when you defeat an enemy, it's allways the same when you kill them with apples or your sword.

Due to the limitations of the NES this game lost a lot of it's charm, and some flaws in the design are very irritating now.
But this was one off my favourite games as a kid so it gets a solid 7/10, because hey it's Aladdin (and I discovered the Genesis version only 2 years later in my local game-trading store ;-) )