Just right for the Sega Game Gear!

User Rating: 6.5 | Disney's Aladdin GG
I'm still one of those guys that prefer buttons over touch screens, and I happened to bring my Game Gear into work with me, and Disney's Aladdin was one of the titles I own (the Game Gear is so ancient, you can get most games for less than five dollars each), and so, out of sheer boredom, I popped it in and started to play.

Now, this isn't the Super NES edition, which was a pretty good port from the movie itself (except for the pyramid stage...what was someone smoking when they thought that was part of the movie???), but for the Game Gear, it does the job well in its own way. If you've seen the movie, you'll adapt to the storyline fairly quickly.

I think the game focuses more on cutscenes than the gameplay itself, and personally, with attempting to complete the stages (there were about five or six, I can't remember), I finished the game in just under an hour (the final boss stage difficulty is pathetically easy...even the Super NES' port was more difficult, and that's not saying much).

The graphics were pretty good, and again, for the Game Gear, it's an accomplishment since most of the games I play (Sonic, Lion King, Columns) are mostly blurry when in motion. Disney's The Lion King looks great, but half the time, you're moving around and you can't tell where you're at sometimes...amazingly, you don't have to deal with that in Disney's Aladdin. That said, three of the stages were motion based, and the carpet ride stage had the best graphics of any stage.

All in all, did this game perform its main duties of keeping one entertained to pass the time? Yes, it did. If you have a Game Gear, and are looking for halfway decent games, this is one to pick up.