Oldy, but a goody!!

User Rating: 7 | Aladdin SNES
So i've decided to go oldschool, and this is a great choice! This is a really really good game that I grew up playing with my sister. This game has an extremley good replay value. Aladdin is just a simple game. 2D get from one side of the level to the next, but its just so good. Its got graphics from the early 90's so you know there not good. Its single player, and not that long, I dont even think you can save your game, so once you start make sure you finish it (probably just a few hours, but what do you expect from a really old game)! Its not a very difficult game to complete. BUT theres just somthing about this game that makes it alot of fun. Its an old school classic, and I dont see why you wouldnt like this game. Your not gonna be amazed or awe! Its just a fun game!!! Im sure it wont cost you more than five bucks at Game Crazy, so I recommend that if your taking the time to read this, and you dont already have it... just buy it!