All this game is good for is the mini games...

User Rating: 5 | Disney's A Christmas Carol DS
This game really didn't do it for my son or myself at all. It had weird game play and there was really nothing to it. It was very short and very empty..... it just kind of went nowhere. The funny thing is that I am keeping this game because I enjoy the puzzle mini game and it gives me something to do when I am bored. As for the game play, it was completely boring. It had nice graphics.... I like those kind of graphics... and the story teller's voice was good. There was just nothing to it. It ended ridiculously as well. I would have rather purchased a puzzle game of some kind.
At times, you were to tap the screen here and there and the next thing you knew, that part was over. I actually needed help to find out how to get the girl to give the guy a kiss and it was just so lame that you just had to guess what boring move you would need to make to move along in the game. This game has about two or three mini games that you can play anytime and they are much more fun than the game itself but they are limited, so you won't get much lasting enjoyment out of them either.