Good for the family, Good potential

User Rating: 7.5 | Disney Universe PS3
Great game for the kids, or to play with the kids, or on your own if you are a Disney fan. Overall a great family game. This game is not terrible to play alone. To enjoy single player it helps if you are a big Disney fan. It is fun with two people, but can get confusing with more than that. This being a Disney game and being able to dress up in costumes is one of the things that saves it. This is not a game for hardcore gamers, and there is defiantly a number of games out there that are better (LBP). This game is what it is a simple, fun family friendly Disney game if you go in looking for more that that you will be disappointed. Hopefully they also add more DLC, so you can get more costumes and play more worlds. They already have Nightmare Before Christmas to add to the game. With the potential to add more and more levels and costumes, it might make the game more enjoyable. It is very repetitive so hopefully that can make some changes with addition of more levels.