The Disney Enthousiasts Dream!

User Rating: 9.5 | Disney Universe PS3
Disney Universe is one of my favourite games to date (seeing as how I am one of the biggest Disney enthusiasts in the world :P). I have to say the innovation of this game is amazing! I really do enjoy it :). The only downfalls are my opinions (more or less questions). Why suits? Why couldn't we have played with the characters themselves and had their own unique powers instead of suits? (ie. Randall can become invincible, Wall-e could crush objects and throw them at enemies etc.). Other than that minor flaw the game is great! The game is most fun played with friends, but it is also enjoyable to play alone :). If your like me and love Disney this game is a must buy! Like many other games in the genre, it is easy but major fun! This game deserves a lot more publication and higher ratings!!!!!!