Not what I expected (Good & Bad)

User Rating: 7 | Disney Universe PS3
I picked up this game as a simple way to play with my young kids. They enjoyed the demo from the PSN, so it seemed to be a no-brainer. Disney licensed games run the gambit from good (Epic Mickey) to really bad (Wall-E), so my mind was pretty open for this one.

On the up side, the game play is very straight forward--hack and slash style. My 5 year old loves button mashing and problem solving, so the game is a hit for him. The graphics are good and the costumes change up the visuals slightly. I don't see a real difference between characters, which was a disappointment. It would have been nice to see special moves that were character specific. The characters are varied picking from various Pixar and Disney classics; DLC seems to add a unique level with 3 chapters. Each chapter does have unique bad guys dressed in appropriate costume for the world that they are in. The boss level is pretty entertaining and definitely varied from the normal game play. I enjoyed each one.
For older players, the majority of game play will likely get stale. You can only jump and slash a bad guy so many times. The puzzles are fairly straight-forward with the option for assistance arrows, so you can get a little nudge in the right direction. Adults probably won't walk away thinking they just solved a great mystery, but the mindless game play isn't a bad way to rest the brain either. Sort of in the vein of a Legos game--and I mean that in a good way.

Fans of Disney movies and young Disney fans will definitely like this game. The price is a bit high for the content that you receive, but then again you're paying for Disney entertainment. If you're not sure about the game, do yourself a favor and download the demo from PSN.