This game wont blow you away with a great storyline but its fun for the whole family.

User Rating: 8.5 | Disney Universe PS3
Having tried the demo of Disney Universe i decided that the game was worth a purchase. I am quite the Disney fan so this was appealing to me, i also have 2 kids that i can play this with who think its great fun!

There are six Disney worlds to explore, Alice in wonderland,pirates of the caribbean, Monsters inc,The Lion King,Wall-e and aladdin. I have fully explored just 2 of the worlds but that was enough to make me think this game is pretty good. Basically you pick which Disney suit you want to wear before starting a level and the aim of the game is to fight enemies, solve puzzles and fight bosses in different disney worlds. Now the best thing about this game is the Co-op, so grab your friend or your kid and play together,you will have lots more fun.

This game is not without it's flaws, some adults might find it repetitive and also you need to make sure you have at least 30minutes spare to play because you have to play 3 levels at a time without any saving in between which i think is a very silly idea. The game does have replay value because if you complete the same levels twice you unlock and extra suit and it can be quite addictive collecting them!

Overall its a pretty good game, especially for people with children or people who enjoy the Disney movies.