We own multiple kids games across multiple platforms and this is very unique!

User Rating: 8 | Disney Tangled: The Video Game WII
This game is played by our younger kids and they really enjoyed it. My wife and I have had to help, but by and large they played it on their own. The one snafu is the load screen. Right below load file is delete file. Too close for a kids game, this should be only done in a file management setting since the average age of a user is probably quite young.
The game allows players to both play different areas of the game at the same time and incorporates a split screen when they wonder apart. Excellent!! It has challenging game play but not impossible for youngsters to figure out. It also has a very pleasant soundtrack, and after suffering through game soundtracks that distract others in the room (like on barbie.com) this one was nice.
It would be nice if you could play as other characters, but my expectations are not high. For $20 or less I say go for it, great game for the kiddos.