Cute, simple game for the little princess in all your homes

User Rating: 7 | Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey WII
This is definitely a very simple game for the littlest princesses in any household. I would guess anyone 5-7 years old who loves the whole Disney magic and looks for any chance to pretend to be a princess will find this an entertaining way to spend a few quiet hours.

Trust me - this is not a real challenge for any parent watching their child - nor will it greatly stretch their mind as the puzzles are aimed at the very young.

Disney Princess starts you off as Leanna, a young lost girl who find herself at the ruins of a castle. She has lost her memory, so the player gets to customize her look, clothes and name. From there, you head to a secret room where you can explore 4 kingdoms of the Disney princesses; Ariel, Jasmine, Cinderella and Snow White. With your trusty magic wand , you help the girls save their kingdoms from the Bogs, troll-like creatures that cause problems in all worlds. And once you beat the game - you unlock the castle with Belle's adventures.

The voice characterization is good - sounds like many of the original caste (though Sebastian was definitely not the "real deal" which my daughter noticed.) and the graphics and music are quite entertaining.

You can play as one or two players, and each kingdom has 3 chapters you need to finish to complete them.

Overall gameplay is approx. 3 hours - and my daughter (6 years old) says it is an eight out of 10 - but being a Dad who would have like to have seen a bit more length and fun added to the gameplay, I'll drop her review to a 7 - but will tell you she had a big smile on her face every time she ran in to tell me that she had finished another chapter.