Ratatouille surprisingly has its moments. It has earned a shot although not everybody is going to give it that shot.

User Rating: 7 | Disney/Pixar Ratatouille PSP
Ratatouille isn't necessarily in anybody's game of the year list; I mean I would be amazed that anybody expected this game to receive a superb rating. In fact when I started playing this game I instantly though it was going to be another generic game based on a movie and we all know how "good" games based on movies are. But never the less Ratatouille came out and proved itself to be a decent plataformer, and this was of course surprising.

Game play wise ratatouille copies form what the current trend offers, as you play this game you will notice that a lot of the moves and gameplay ideas are copied from other games. That is fine by me, as long as the game delivers what it is copying. The Graphics are good enough for a decent PS2 game and the music is not bad either, although it got annoying from time to time.

I was surprised to find out that this so called kiddy game packed a small punch, both in length and difficulty. Now I am not saying this game is uber hard but when I measure the difficulty level to what I believe a small child might be able to play, easy takes on a different meaning. Also the length of the single player game was long for what games usually dish out these days, especially on a tiny portable UMD disc.

Ratatouille is definitely a game I usually wouldn't pick up except if my wife starts playing something like this, then I usually play with her. It's difficult to recommend Ratatouille to everybody but this game certainly proved itself to be fun. It has good gameplay mechanics and the levels are huge, also you are certainly going to enjoy the 10 to 15 hours of gameplay but after that I see no reason to go back for seconds.