Ratatouille adventure

User Rating: 7.5 | Disney/Pixar Ratatouille WII
I think this game is great even the graphics. This game is grewat for probably younger kids between 4 and 12 after that it could seem to be boring unless ofcourse your like me a 15 year old who loves the most childish things in this world then you would probabbly like this game alot and should check it out. I think even those who have played these kinds of games before no matter how old should test this game this game has a short time in beating all the primary missions but wil ltake you longer if you wish to succeed in buying everything and collecting everthing and even doing all the fun side missions along the way of your primary goal. This game is how most games should be just right in difficulty the only problem i have is how i play video games a fair bit and this is set for a younger age group and the first level was just to hard and i htought unbeatable till i beat this level on my probably 8th hour of playing or even possabbly longer, this mission consists of using the boating technique they had just tought you and mean while you must try to avoid rocks barrels trees and most of all the part that always kills you the whirlpools, once you are stuck in these whirlpools there is no way out so if you get to close you must restart from the begging of that level which is a fair distance. If they wish to make another version of this game and keep the whirlpool i hope they will change that you can't get out of it or even space the whirlpools far enough apart so that you can get through quicker because not only are you trying to dodge stuff you got to keep up with your rat friends and your brother and if you get to far back you get to restart once again.