They should have let the Old Lady kill Remy rather than let this one out the door.

User Rating: 3 | Disney/Pixar Ratatouille X360
What can I say. This game is not for kids, not in the least, unless they have a future in government sanctioned torture. I already knew it was more difficult than its target audience was going to be able to handle, but I couldn't even finish the game. Not so much for the difficulty, but for the poor mission design, and the finish the level or start over 80's game design. I can put up with a few quirks, but after getting halfway through the second stage, I didn't want to play it anymore.

Other things had me scratching my head. The snappy dialogue from the beginning of the game was gone, except for the annoying chef telling me a thousand times to collect tokens to open up missions. Also, what is with the stink bugs, cats and dogs? They weren't even in the movie. They should at least have watched the movie to get inspiration. The camera doesn't like walls, so you'll find your self straining to see what Remy is jumping into. And the tightrope mechanic is just plain buggy.

Overall, this games a mess. It kept my 2 year old entertained for about 30 minutes till he heard daddy cussing at the stupid rat. Pass this one over folks.