Not the best Disney game, but is still enjoyable. Just get over the old-schoolness about it.

User Rating: 6 | Disney/Pixar A Bug's Life PS
This is the type of old-school game most legacy gamers would probably pass up. I can see why. For the most part, it is a flawed game, with the camera and the controls being the worst part of it. Although it does have those issues and some issues revolving around game objectives later in the game, it still is the type of old-school game that shouldn't be passed up. It has fun levels, with you being the Ant, (forgot his name) and having some adventures in the areas of the movie. I was a fan of the movie, a brilliant start to Pixar's continuing success, and this game may not live up to the movie completely, but does any movie game live up to a great movie? A few, this being one that almost hit it, but missed. It does have a few levels I enjoy to play, one where you are put in a dump and having a boss battle with a beetle being one of those levels, and there are some extremely annoying levels, like where you ride on Dandelions and have to go a very far way to be safe from some bird, and can easily die on it, but for the most part, it is an experience worth having when your a fan of the movie.