dont let the game spot score mistake you. this is actually a very fun game that other new gamers don't understand

User Rating: 8 | Disney/Pixar A Bug's Life PS
i had this game when i was seven years old i remember that this game was so fun. they don't make games like this anymore, anyways give this game a try it's very fun 3d platform game (and i love platformed games). im going to tell you why this disney game is worthy to be played.

when you start the game you get mini clips from the movie which is great. As you continue on the game and fully complete each level you get a mini clip from the movie. There are 15 levels in this game including training mode (which is a good way to earn easy lives) and also there is a bonus level.

the game has very good music and the controls in the game is great as well. the only thing that i don't really like is the camera i mean it's good but when there are times you want to move the camera that's when it is sometimes a problem.

this game will keep you busy to collect grain, the words FLIK, and kill the enemy using the golden berries.

i totally recommend you play this game this game is under rated give it a try and you will see what gaming use to be like without fancy graphics. this is mostly all game play.