The game is nice for kids, but is to easy and has no specialty.

User Rating: 6 | A Bug's Life N64
A Bug's life is a game that I really wanted when I was a kid and had a lot of fun playing it, but now it is too easy and lame. There is no special thing that it has, but another game doesn't. The graphics are to blurry and is very weird compared to other games. The music of the game gets really annoying. The sound is typical and lame. The game play is at least nice, with all the seeds growing thing. But my favorite thing is the challenge mode which actually fun to play. Of course many think that it should be a lower score, but if you're a 10 years old or younger and never have played this game then you will love it like I did, with all it's buggy atmosphere and berry explosion. The best thing of this game is if your afraid of bugs (or spiders like I do) this game won't frighten you a bit (except the grasshopper when they come out of the ceiling and stomp the ground like a gorilla).
So in conclusion the game is worth to play at least once, even if your 30-years old (and not a grumpy old-fart who hates kids or a bug hater).