A Bug's Life is an average children's game that comes with occasionally frustrating game play.

User Rating: 6 | A Bug's Life N64
A Bug's Life was the very first video game that I owned when my parents bought me a Nintendo 64 in July 1999 (age 8 going on 9). Back then it was the only video game I had until my parents bought me Toy Story 2 on Christmas 1999. Anyways, I thought that it was an enjoyable game for my age back then, but some of the levels were frustrating for me to complete. Since I traded my Nintendo 64 a long time ago (2005), I also traded in all of my N64 games including A Bug's Life.

Presentation - The story is about having Flik saving Princess Atta from the evil Hopper. Wait a minute. The story line is very similar with Super Mario 64. Anyways, there are several clips from the cut scenes that were pulled straight from the film and several of them are implemented with each level you play. There isn't any voice acting, but there is some dialogue for you to read.

There are a total of 15 levels for you to complete including a tutorial mode where Flik learns how to jump, throw berries, change colors of seeds, and jump on them. The tutorial mode is generally easy and shouldn't take you long to complete. The actual levels you play on aren't too difficult since this game is generally geared for young children. There are arrays of enemies to be encountered such as beetles that block your view in front of a gate, earthworms that lurk from the underground, and flying insects that come toward you.

You can also use some of Flik's powers such as changing colors of seeds to reach tough areas, collect all 100 grain, and even use his harvester to permanently defeat enemies. After you complete those objectives in each level, you earn special medals.

There are also a few levels where you have to defeat mini bosses as well. As I said earlier in my review, they shouldn't be too difficult for you to complete since the health bar shows how much health they have left. The health bar Flik has is a leaf, if he gets hurt by enemies four times, he loses a life.

However, some of the later levels can be frustrating especially the level where you have to fly on dandelions. There were instances where I was trying to jump on them, and Flik ends up falling on the cliff. It took me a while to get used to timing my jumps and I eventually cleared that stage.

Graphics - The graphics are pretty much straight up from the Pixar film. They are a tad blurry, dark, and resolution of textures are somewhat lower.

Sound - Although there isn't any voice acting with the cut scenes, some of the characters talk quite a bit. For example, Flik has an array of catch phrases like saying "I need super jump" and "I need more grain". However, his catchphrases can get a bit repetitive and a bit annoying to listen to over again. The sound effects from the game are spot on and the music does fit right for this type of game surprisingly.

Game play - The controls are accurate and simple enough for a child to play, but some jumps are difficult for accurate timing. Like, Super Mario 64, people still complain about the camera issues.

Lasting appeal - This game is still pretty short compared to Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. It shouldn't take you too long to complete 15 levels even though several of them are a tad frustrating. This is only a single player game. As far as my recommendations are concerned, it may be an ideal title to buy for young children. Everyone else should definitely skip this game and stick to playing Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time since the length of those games are much longer.

The Good - simple, responsive controls, story and cut scenes are pulled straight from the Pixar film

The Bad - graphics should have been fine tuned more, game is too short with completing 15 levels, occasionally frustrating game play

Presentation - 8
Graphics - 5
Sound - 7
Game play - 8
Lasting appeal - 3

Overall 6.2 out of 10 GameSpot Score 6 out of 10