(For those who hate this game do not look at this review) I think this game is a masterpiece but not as good as o

User Rating: 7.5 | Disney/Pixar A Bug's Life PS
I know some people Hate this game, but i think it is a charm.
The good: It follows scenes from the movie.
The bad: Cut scenes are in bad quality and sometimes it doesn't follow the movie (like stage 3)

Game Play: Average platform game.

Sound: Nice music and sound effects makes me want to go outside.

Graphics: Well not the best i describe every thing pops out of nowhere.

Camera: Can be annoying

Controls: Fine for the Ps1 and n64.

Glitches: Only a few..

Tilt: I don't know it could be a nice platforming game

Well its not exactly perfect but i think you wanna try it out and fell better about it and a fun game i guess If only we can get nice games like this these days and im not saying the new games Super Smash Bros Brawl And New Super Mario bros Wii is bad i just wanna say its just fun but not as fun *sorry if i copied you blueguy93.